Saturday, August 3, 2013

Halloween? Already? Yes.

Call me crazy, but I'm getting started on Halloween costumes already!  Since I always make our costumes, and generally get most of my supplies through thrift stores or garage sales, I have to start early.  It doesn't help that I have at least 4 costumes to put together!  I have always liked to do group costumes, but the kids are getting old enough now that they are starting to ask to be certain things/characters. 

Last year we didn't do anything that matched, but I got to have some fun with Ronan:
Yea, I'm pretty messed up.  ;)

We also made this great spider egg sac that's been so popular on pinterest:

It's easy enough the kids can do it.  You just stuff an old sock or something inside a pair of old white tights, then hot glue some spiders inside and out.  Done.

Last year wasn't my most creative year, so I'm going to throw in some older pictures, just because I can.
Here I am in 2009 with Quinn and my sister

And here's the old man, and the family tree.
And here we are in 2010
The really funny thing about this one to me is that my sister and I had planned to be the Mad Hatter, Queen of Hearts, with Quinn as Alice.  Then we realized we had no out fit for her (then) new boyfriend, Ty, so we figured he'd just be the Knave of Hearts.  We didn't realize that a nave was basically a slave or servant.  oops.

That year all our costumes were completely from scratch, I even made Quinn's dress (without a pattern, ouch), and my awesomely over-sized top hat.

Do you have any awesome ideas for group costumes?

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