Wednesday, November 20, 2013

doodle shoes

So my daughter wanted some shoes that were "not boring," but all we could agree on in the store were glittered or sequined.  While I know they're beautiful and tempting to buy, they're expensive and don't wear well.  Since Quinn is very active, I knew we needed something that would last better. So I took this old, well worn pair of $5 sneakers that she wouldn't wear anymore, and made something she wanted to wear:

Obviously, they aren't perfect.  But I saved them from the landfill and gave them at least a few more months of life.  These are nothing more than freehand doodling with a paint pen.  Because these shoes were canvas, the paint soaked into them well and didn't rub off for anything.  I didn't use any coating on them or anything, though I'd imagine you could use a waterproof canvas coating to give them a really long lifespan. 

[update: She outgrew these shoes before the doodling wore off.  She wore these shoes for months and the doodling only wore off slightly on the toe where she drags her shoe when she walks.]

Happy Doodling,

Friday, November 8, 2013

We Made it Official

Yes, Zach and I are officially married.  Well, we had the wedding, anyway; I guess it's not official until our paperwork has gone through, but that shouldn't be too long.

I just wanted to tell you how wonderful it was to have such a small ceremony!  Not to judge those who have the big elaborate events, those I'm sure are great too.  But it was so much fun to be able to really visit with everyone, not just say hi and keep walking.  And because we only had about 20 people, we were able to go all out! 
If you're in Ohio there are a few things I cannot recommend enough: Sortino's Ristorante, and Lauren Tiura Photography!

First: Sortino's.  we had a little trouble with our menu, but considering we had started with two, and from there picked just the one, I won't entirely blame them for this, we did make it a little confusing.  So if you're having a party there, just be sure to confirm, a couple times, in writing.  The thing that they really REALLY have going for them is that they truly cater to your needs.  They took care of us, and I mean they REALLY TOOK CARE OF US!  We had a bartender and a server all night, refilling drinks, clearing plates, silverware, and empties, and bringing rounds of shots.  Basically, if we asked for it, they made it happen!  We were in the basement, which sounds dark and nasty, but it's actually so cool.  They have a little bar set up down their (nothing compared to the full bar upstairs) plus a couple of leather sofas, the "godfather table" which has the godfathers head as a centerpiece (which you can remove), and several other tables for guests.  The whole thing has a sort of Italian graffiti vibe, and you are even given chalk to mark up the walls, ceilings, and painted pipes.  And even though our menu got a little confused, the food was great: Do try the meatballs!

Second: Lauren Tiura Photography Disclaimer: I went to high school with Lauren, but this in no way affects my judgment of her photography skills. Lauren has done some photo's of my kids in the past and I've always been blown away by her ability to capture a moment so clearly that you can physically feel what it was like.

Just look at the photo of Quinn and tell me you can't feel it.
And yet again, talk about perfect.  Ok, ok.... that one is just because I wanted to show off my kids and I'm extremely biased.
Here is a sneak peak.  This is just a natural shot, certainly not posed, but it was a very important moment in my family.  That necklace my mother is putting on me belonged to my great grandmother and was given to her (I think) in 1938.  Every bride in our family has worn that necklace since.  I'm really looking forward to this weekend when I should be getting some of the photos we took in this adorable little garden next door! 

Anyway.  If you're getting married, talk to Sortino's, even if you do go the 'big event' route, they'd sure have a heck of a rehearsal dinner!  And get Lauren to take your photo's, she won't disappoint - I promise!

Love & Joy,