Sunday, September 7, 2014

maximizing swagbucks

It's pretty easy to earn a little bit through swagbucks without altering your on-line activity in any way.  If you're not already on swagbucks, it's about time you join.  Or you can read more about my experiences with it here.  What I'm going to talk about here is how I've found ways to maximize my swagbucks.

For starters, buy the $5 gift cards!  You can get anything you need from amazon and the $5 gift cards are a bargain at only 450 swagbucks each, versus 500 for any other denomination or brand gift card.  If you average around 2200 swagbucks a month, that's a difference of 6 gift cards - or $30 every year!

One of the most beneficial things I do is to try and always have something earning SB's. Many people find it helpful to run the video app on their phone, but I seem to have more luck with the encrave activities (located under the 'discover' tab on the homepage).  I just pull up one of the auto plays (the ones with the little circular arrow icon) and let it play for a while as I browse the internet, check my email, or play a game. 

I do the same with the SBTV.  Click the 'watch' tab on the homepage and there's thousands of videos to choose from.  These don't auto play, but if you're going to be online for a while anyway, it's no trouble to click the next one every now and then.  And - you don't need to watch the video in it's entirety either, just watch until the progress meter at the top goes to the next level, then click the next video.

to do list
the 'to do list' on the left column of your homepage should be your best friend.  You won't earn much here, but it's a few SB's you'll get every day.  And, as for the NOSO (no obligation special offers), there's no need to sign up for anything.  Just click 'next' and scroll through them quickly to get your 2 SB's.

the reading section here is pretty new so I'm not sure how well this will work for continued earning opportunities, but so far, it's been great.  The 'read' activity is located under the 'discover' tab on the homepage.  Every so often some new books are listed there and there's a pretty good reward for completing these activities.  Some ask you to sign up for a newsletter, others to view a short video or read an excerpt.  Just hover over each book to see what is required to earn your points!

Do take advantage of swagcodes.  There are sites out there, like swagcode spoiler that will compile these codes for you and let you know when they're available.  You can sign up for text, twitter, or email alerts so you'll always know when a new code comes out.

Swagbucks is always changing too, so keep up to date on the newest ways to earn and decide for yourself if they're beneficial (many aren't).  If you have another trick to earning, share it with us so we can all earn!

Happy Swagging,