Saturday, October 19, 2013

Oh, I Didn't Mention It?

So, as much as I love Halloween, it's been put on the back burner this year.  Don't worry, it's for a great reason, that I haven't mentioned:  I'm getting married!  Yep.  It's nothing, just dinner with our immediate family (siblings and parents) and a civil marriage service.  I had no idea that even this extremely simple wedding would be so much work and so much stress!  There have been times I've wanted to ditch the whole thing and walk myself to the courthouse and get it over with!  Oh, and it's EXPENSIVE!  Holy crap is it expensive.  There's absolutely no way we could have ever thrown a full blown wedding.  When you realize that my mom's family alone is 22 aunts and uncles, 40-something cousins, and 20-something cousins kids and that's just ONE of the four very large families we'd be inviting.  Anyway, I'm on a rant.

So, here's the point.  I'm getting married.  I'm getting married, and I'm not throwing a big wedding.  I'm getting married, and I'm not throwing a big wedding, and it's still expensive and time consuming.